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Jathakam - Tamil Horoscope

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Jathakam or Tamil Horoscope in Tamil is known as Jathakam, Jathagam, Jathaka Kurippu, Jathaka Kattam, Grahanila, Rasi kattam, Rasi Navamsa charts and Rasi chakaram. Also known as Tamil astrological birth chart, Horoscope in Tamil and South Indian horoscope.

Jathakam (also spelled Jathagam) is basically a Tamil astrological profile of a person, calculated according to Tamil astrology. Tamil Horoscope - Jathakam and mangalya dosham analysis report offered by tamilsonline are absolutely free.

We generate your free Grahanila or Tamil Jathaka kurippu based on date of birth, time and place. Astrological calculations used for preparing your Tamil astrological profile are based on Tamil Thirukanitha panchangam and Lahiri ayanamsam. Rasi chakram and Navamsa chart are prepared and displayed in South Indian chart format.

Tamil horoscope is personal and unique, depends on the birth details of an individual, specific to the precise birth time, exact birth date and place of birth. Astrological predictions and various compatibility analysis are based on this Grahanila or Tamil Jathagam.

Tamilsonline offers free Tamil horoscope by date of birth in a printable format. Tamil Jathakam includes Nakshatram and its Padam, Zodiac signs, Lagnam, Rasi chart, Navamsa chart, Dasa and Bukthi periods and strength of planets. Tamil horoscope also includes Mangalya dosham analysis such as Chevvai dosham and Sarpa dosham.

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