Mangalya dosham - Chevvai dosham

Get your mangal dosha - Chevvai dosham and sarpa dosham report online, free. Mangalya dosham is also known as kalathra dosham, sevvai kutram, naga dosham, manglik dosh, kuja dosha, rahu - kethu dosham, debilitated mars and graha dosham.

Dosham is a Tamil word, spelled as thosam and dosham, also known as kutram. Tamil astrology recommends that those who have mangalya dosham in their jathakam should marry a person having the same or similar chevvai dosham and sarpa dosham. Jathakam means Tamil horoscope, also known as Tamil astrological chart, rasi chart, Tamil natal chart, rasi kattam, jathaka kurippu, jathaka kattam, etc.

Tamilsonline offers free online kalathra - mangalya dosham report, that includes analysis of graha dosham such as chevvai dosham and sarpa dosham analysis. Chevvai dosham is known as chevvai kutram, sevvai dosham and debilitated mars; sarpa dosham is known as rahu dosham, kethu dosham and naga dosham.

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Chevvai dosham ! Manglik dosh !

Dosham will affect the married couple if the horoscope matching is not carefully done. Full horoscope and mangalya dosham or graha dosham analysis offered by is absolutely free, they include sarpa dosham and chevvai dosham.

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