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Panchangam, Auspicious time today

Get FREE Ganitha Panchangam generated online and find an auspicious time today. In Tamil astrology, auspicious time is known as Nalla neram and Suba neram. Panchangam is an astrological almanac, generated according to the Tamil astrological system known as Ganitha panchangam and Thiru Kanitha Panchangam.

In Panchangam, time is known as Neram. All instances of Neram are divided into five parts, called Vaaram, Thithi, Nakshatram, Yogam and Karanam. This time division enable us to findout suitable dates and time for auspicious ceremonies and functions, times and dates for Viratham, Sankalpam, etc.

Get FREE Ganitha panchangam generated online and find an auspicious time today. In Tamil astrology, auspicious time is known as Nalla neram and Suba neram

Tamil astrology considers angular positions of planets and shadow planets are essential for preparing the Horoscope for predictions, and fixing the auspicious time known as Muhurtha Neram. Planetary positions can be calculated by using methods known as Surya siddhantha Panchangam and Thiru Kanitha Panchangam.

Surya siddhantha Panchangam method are used for Shastric activities, whereas Ganitha panchangam or Thiru Kanitha Panchangam method widely used for almost all purposes and believed to be most accurate.

Get your Free Ganitha panchangam generated for your choice of date and place; and find auspicious time of the day, online.

Panchangam - Tamil astrological almanac

Harrow Tamil Panchangam Wembley Tamil Panchangam East Ham Tamil Panchangam Wimbledon Tamil Panchangam
Richmond Ontario Panchangam Scarborough Ontario Panchangam Mississauga Ontario Panchangam Montreal Tamil Panchangam
Jersey city Tamil Panchangam Saint Denis - Reunion panchangam George town - Guyana panchangam Durban - South Africa Panchangam
Port Louis - Mauritius Panchangam Sydney Tamil Panchangam Melbourne Tamil Panchangam Paris Tamil Panchangam
Sarcelles France Panchangam Frankfurt Tamil Panchangam Hamm Tamil Panchangam Singapore Tamil Panchangam
Kuala lumpur Tamil Panchangam Penang Tamil Panchangam Zurich Tamil Panchangam Oslo Tamil Panchangam
Dubai Tamil Panchangam Bali Tamil Panchangam Jaffna Tamil Panchangam Thiruvananthapuram Panchangam
Coimbatore Tamil Panchangam Bangalore Tamil Panchangam New Delhi Tamil Panchangam Mumbai Tamil Panchangam
New York City Tamil Panchangam Colombo Tamil Panchangam Medan Tamil Panchangam Seychelles Tamil Panchangam
San Jose Tamil Panchangam Madurai Tamil Panchangam Pungudutivu Panchangam