Vastu shastram

Manaiyadi shastram says that every living organism possesses the qualities and characteristics of a particular nakshatram at the time of birth, known as janma nakshatram, also known as birth star. Mamuni Mayan found a way to relate this janma nakshatam by using numbers, known as ayadi kanitham or ayadi calculations.

Finding the numbers relating to each constellation and analysing its wave length as good and bad, comprises the essence of ayadi porutham, meaning a number for a particular nakshatram of a particular wave length that will match with wave length of the birth star of dwellers (of the house/building/land/plot), thereby creating harmony between the both.

Manaiyadi shastram,Aayathi calculations

Ayadi compatibility between you and your home

Find out the aayaathi compatibility between you and your home, we analyse twelve types of aayadi compatibilities, including paryayam porutham. Analysing the ayadi compatibility between a home and its resident is very much similar to jathaka porutham for marriages. Get your manai compatibility report online, based on ayadi calculations.

  Vastu compatibility,Manai porutham
Tamil Vastu consultants

Tamil vastu consultant

Interested to know whether your house comply with Vastu principles of manaiyadi shastram !. Just submit your birth details and floor plan of your house, our vastu experts analyse them according to vaasthu shastra guide lines and provide a report and necessary recommendations. Get your vastu shastra compliance report, online.

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