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Horoscope offered by is based on date of birth and calculated according to Tamil horoscope calculation known as Jathaga kanippu. Horoscope in Tamil is known as jathagam, rasi kattam and jathaka kurippu.

Horoscope that is calculated according to Tamil jathaka kanippu method is called Tamil horoscope.

All our services related to Tamil astrology, such as horoscope matching, mangalya dosham analysis, Tamil horoscope and compatibility reports are provided instantly, free of cost, online. There is no need to enter your email ID or any personal information.

Tamil horoscope or Astrological charts offered by are based on Lahiri ayanamsam and Thirukanitha panchangam.

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Tamil horoscope calculator

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Tamil horoscope or Tamil Astrological charts offered by are based on date of birth, time and place. Full Tamil horoscope report includes the following details;

Birth star
Zodiac sign
Navamsa chart
Current thisai and puththi
Dasa and bukthi periods
Strength of planets
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Mangalya dosham analysis

Any Kalathra thosam, Sarpa dosham and chevvai dosham in jathakam is clearly identified and given in the report.

Enter your birth details and generate your FREE Tamil horoscope, online.

Muhurtham dates

Muhurtham dates,Wedding dates

Muhurtham dates - Wedding dates

Auspicious marriage dates are known as Muhurtham dates in Tamil astrology, they are identified by analysing various factors in Panchangam that includes Nakshatram, Thithi, Yogam, Rahu kalam, Yama kandam, Horai, etc.

In order to identify the Muhurtham dates and time, we first generate a panchangam for a specific period and specific geographical coordinates. Tamilsonline, the expert online astrologer, generates Panchangam for your choice of location and provide you the auspicious marriage dates and time for a given period, based on Tamil astrology.

Find out the auspicious dates for wedding - Muhurtham dates, according to Tamil astrology.

auspicious date for wedding ceromony

Tamil baby names

name based on baby's horoscope, Nama nakshatram

Auspicious Tamil baby names

Tamil name astrology recommends that the first akshara (syllable) of a name should be based on the position of moon in baby's horoscope. Each Nakshatram and its Paatham has its own special sound in tune with the tendencies and inner nature of a child.

Name your baby according to Tamil astrology?

Enter the birth details, find out the nama nakshatra and corresponding first syllable and name your baby according to Tamil astrology.

Baby name by Nakshatra

Astrological compatibility for marriage

Jathakam matching, Horoscope matching, Porutham

Horoscope matching - Jathaka porutham

In what ways a person is compatible or incompatible with another is based on the patterns and distributions of planets in the respective and combined birth charts. Tamil astrology provides clear guidelines about how to assess the marriage compatibility between man and woman.

In order to assess the astrological compatibility between a boy and girl, we first generate their astrological charts, analyze them individually and between them. Then check the compatibility of various astrological aspects, as described in Tamil astrology and provide the astrological compatibility report, instantly.

In this process, we examine thirteen (13) types of Jathaka porutham -horoscope matching referred in Tamil astrology, such as Nadi, Gana, Rajju porutham, Sthree theerkam, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi athipathi, Vasiyam, Thinam, Vethai, Virudcham, Aayul and Mahendram.

Are you planning or proposed to get married?

Enter the birth details of boy and girl, and check the horoscope matching for marriage, online. Get your Tamil astrology based compatibility report - Jathaka porutham instantly.


Yoni compatibility

yoni match

Love match - Cittinba porutham

According to Tamil astrology, intimate relationship can be sensational, as long as yoni of both partners are compatible to each other. Yoni of a person is determined by their Nakshatram at the time of birth.

Yoni matching indicates the intimate relationship between couple and the satisfaction derived from such relationship, according to Tamil jothidam.

Are you physically and emotionally compatible to your partner?

Enter the birth detail of yourself and partner, and find out Tamil jothidam based Yoni porutham report - love match, online.


Friendship compatibility


Friendship guide

Can you imagine your best friend who turned into your worst enemy?

Don't make the same mistake again. Check the astrological compatibility of your friendship now.

Here, we generate and analyze the astrological profile of both and reveal the astrological compatibility between the two. If you know the birth details, check the compatibility of your friendship online. Find out the Tamil astrological compatibility now.


Manai porutham

ayadi kanitham

Compatibility between you and your home

Manaiyadi shastram

In Manaiyadi shastram, a home is considered as a living organism, relationship between occupier and occupying space is relevant for healthy and peaceful life. Analysing this relationship according to manaiyadi shastram is called Aayaathi compatibility.

To check the Ayadi compatibility, we use Ayadi kanitham and Tamil Panchangam. Ayadi kanitham is used for calculating Ayadi number of your house and other factors. Tamil Panchangam is used for identifying your Janma Nakshatram and Patham.

Compatibility report generated by tamilsonline includes your natchathiram, ayathi number of your house and overall compatibility between you and your house. Factors that are carefully analysed in this compatibility reports are paryayam, aayam, virayam, vaaram, thithi, rasi, nadchathiram, amsam, yoni, paal, bootham and paruvam.

Enter your birth details along with the dimension of the house, and check the tamil astrology based ayadi compatibility, online.

ayadi calculation.Manaiyadi sasthiram

Astrological jewelry

Gem stone that neutralise the malefic effects of planets
astrological jewelry

Lucky gem stone

Buying a jewelery for yourself or your loved ones !

We recommend you to buy a jewelry with a gem stone mounted to touch your body and make sure that the gem is astrologically recommended.

Choosing the right gem depends on various factors such as the position of planets in your natal chart,transit planets, lagna, nakshatra, dasa and bukthi periods.

We calculate and analyse your astrological profile, and recommend right gem stone that neutralise any negative effects of planetary influences.

Enter your birth details and find out your lucky gem stone, based on Tamil astrology.

launching gem astrology Tamil astrological gems

Tamil panchangam

sunrise, Tamil panchangam, daily panchangam Rasi sunset, Tamil panchangam, daily panchangam
Sunrise - 05:53 Thei Pirai (Waning moon) Sunset - 18:38
* Thithi
* Yogam
* Karanam

Rahu kalam

* Yamakandam
* Kuligai
* Nakshatram
* Rasi
* Suba neram
* Horai

Worldwide Panchangam
Suba neram today

00:00 onwards

Thithi calculator

Tamil Panchangam Calculator
24 Jul 2014 Thursday
T.Nagar, Chennai
Time Zone : 05.30 E
Summer Time : No

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Planetary positions - Grahanila

  Planet Degree House     Planet Degree House
Sun 7.28 Cancer 
Saturn 22.35 Libra
Mercury 21.33 Gemini
Jupiter 7.43 Cancer 
Venus 13.05 Gemini
Rahu 29.10 Virgo
Moon 10.34 Gemini
Kethu 29.11 Pisces
Mars 5.06 Libra Time:20:12 Thursday 24 Jul 2014
Current Planetary positions calculator
Time Zone:  08.00 E Summer time: No
Serangoon, Singapore
numerology readings

Numerology predictions

The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an interrelation of vibrations.

These numbers show a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie.

En kanitham jothidam

free_numerology readings

Enter your name and date of birth, get your FREE numerology readings, online.

Vastu consultant

Tamil vastu experts, Tamil Vaasthu

Interested to know whether your house comply with Vastu principles of manaiyadi shastram ?

Just provide your date, time and place of birth, along with the floor plan of your house. Our Vastu experts analyse your architectural plans according to the Vastu principles of Manaiyadi shastram and offer recommndations and comments.


Auspicious dates - Suba neram

Starting a new business or scheduling a business meeting, choose the most favourable astrological dates and auspicious time, recommended by Tamil astrologers.

Suba neram for suba kariyam

Auspicious dates and time calculated online by are specifically for the place of your choice.

These auspicious moments are based on Tamil Panchangam, generated for a particular geographical coordinates (akshamsam and rehamsam).

Therefore, select the country and place where your proposed activities are to take place, and find out the auspicious dates in year 2014 or any other years, online, FREE.

auspicious time, Astrology in Tamil, Tamil Astrology
launching online auspicious dates

Date for Graha pravesam

Auspicious date for House warming ceremony

In Tamil jothidam, first entry into a new house during an auspicious time is known as Graha pravesam, Griha pravesh, Puthu manai puku vizha, Veedu kudi pukuthal or Kudi pooral, this is similar to house warming ceremony.

Auspicious time means astrologically favourable time; they are identified by analysing various factors in Tamil panchangam. Those factors are Sun rise, Sun set, Thithi, Nadchathiram, Yogam, Rahu kalam, etc.

Find out the auspicious date and time for your Graha pravesam, online.

housewarming ceremony
launching dates for graha pravesam

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