Manaiyadi shastram

Manaiyadi shastram is a Tamil architecture system that predicts the level of harmony by analyzing the numerical value of house perimeter and birth star.

The Ayadi porutham between Janma Nakshatra and the proposed home boundary is identified by the software used for Manaiyadi sastram analyzer. Check the Manaiyadi sastram compliance online.

Though vastu shastra follows generic rules for the design of spaces, manayadi sastram are used to work out the length and width of the house.

Give your birth details along with a proposed length and width of your house, and find your manaiyadi sasthiram compliance report online.

In manaiyadi sasthiram, a home is considered as a living organism, the relationship between resident and living space is relevant for healthy and peaceful life.

Check the manaiyadi shastram, kuzhi kanakku, ayadi porutham and vastu shastra compliance of your house perimeter, length and width, online.

Check the manaiyadi shastram kuzhi kanakku, ayadi porutham and vastu shastra compliance of your house perimeter, length and width, online.

Every living organism possesses the qualities and characteristics of a particular nakshatram at the time of birth, known as Janma Nakshatram, also known as birth star. Mamuni Mayan found a way to relate this janma nadchathiram by using numbers.

Kuzhi kanakku

Ayadi calculator based on manaiyadi shastra kuzhi kanakku reveals the veedu manai porutham or ayadi porutham between a specific geometry of a home and its occupants.

Ayadi calculator is a prime tool that is used to find the kuzhi kanakku and ayadi porutham based on Tamil panchangam.

Ayadi porutham

In order to analyze the ayadi porutham, we first find out your nama nakshatra, using Tamil astrological calculations. Then use ayadi kanitham for calculating the ayadi number of the perimeter of your proposed house or apartment.

By relating these two results as defined in manaiyadi shastra, we are able to reveal the ayadi compatibility on all aspects such as paryayam, aayam, viyayam, vaaram, thithi, rasi, nadchathiram, amsam, yoni, paal, bootham and paruvam.

Vastu shastra

Vastu shastra suggests that the perimeter (length and width) of the floor of the house measurements should be decided by looking into the ayadi porutham or compatibility of manaiyadi shastram.

Tamilsonline looks into various compatibility factors based on Tamil architectural science, here is the sample report.

Ayadi porutham analytics

Birth star Makam
Ayadi number 190
Ayadi compatibility
Aayam Vyayam
Rasi Star
Gender Bootham
Vaaram Thithi
Amsam Yoni
Paruvam Paryayam

Matching    Moderate    Not matching

Ayadi calculator and manaiyadi sastram analyzer

Find out the manaiyadi sastram compliance and analysis report online.

Whether you are planning to move into a rental home or building your own house, use our ayadi calculator to find out the manaiyadi sastram compliance and analysis report, online.

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