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Jathagam and horoscope birth chart in Tamil (தமிழில் ஜாதகம்), online

Jathagam and horoscope birth chart in Tamil (ஜாதகம்) offered by Tamilsonline includes free jathagam kattam, jathagam palangal and explanation, online.

Jathagam and horoscope birth chart in Tamil (ஜாதகம்) offered by Tamilsonline includes free jathagam kattam, jathagam palangal and explanation.


Find your most accurate Jathagam in Tamil (தமிழில் ஜாதகம்) and horoscope birth chart that consists of jathagam kattam explanation, kanippu, kurippu and palangal in Tamil. Fully detailed Jathagam kattam representing the position of planets at the time of birth, along with rasi chart, navamsa chart and jathagam palangal are absolutely free.

Birth chart calculator software tool based on Tamil jothidam enables you to generate Jathagam for a given place, date and time of birth.

Careful analysis and interpretation of planetary positions of jathagam from date of birth and time, is known as jathaka palan and palangal.

Jathagam in Tamil (ஜாதகம்)

தமிழில் இங்கு வழங்கப்படும் உங்கள் ஜாதகம், உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையில் எதிர்காலம் எப்படி இருக்கும் என தமிழ் ஜோதிடம் மூலம் அறிய உதவும் ஜாதக கட்டம், சாதக கணிப்புகளை உள்ளடக்கியவை.

Your date of birth astrology in Tamil consists of rasi kattam or chart, navamsa kattam, astrology signs, dasa puthi, thosa kanippu, rasi palan, nakshatra palan and lagna palangal in tamil language.

Tamil jothidam is often called as computer josiyam and kudumba jothidam, and family astrologer is known as kudumba jothidar. Astrological guidance for family functions, religious ceremony, etc are provided by the family astrologer.

Jathagam by date of birth is personal and unique, specific to your exact birth time, date and place of birth; calculated according to Tamil jathagam calculations known as jathaka kanippu.

Tamil astrology

In Tamil astrology, jathagam parka or jathakam par meant for horoscope reading, and horoscope forecast is known as jathaga palangal and jathaka palan.

Tamilsonline offers free astrology in Tamil language that strictly follows the Thirukanitha panchangam and Lahiri ayanamsam calculations. You have options to view or print the online Tamil jathagam kattam in PDF format.

Birth chart in Tamil

Moreover, Tamilsonline also provides free astrology charts such as rasi chart and navamsa chart in Tamil horoscope chart style in PDF format. In addition to your free birth chart in Tamil, find your birth star sign, zodiac sign, dasa bukthi periods, mangalya dosham analysis and full astrology notes known as jathaka kurippu.

Are you looking for an answer to the following questions? Jathagam parka vendum, jathagam kanipathu eppadi? Jathagam parpathu eppadi? jathagam palangal parpathu eppadi? Tamilsonline provides instant answer to all your queries related to jathgam, jathagam palangal, jathagam calculations and jathagam predictions free of cost.

Astrology in Tamil by date of birth for future prediction requires correct time of birth for determining the exact planetary positions.

Generate jathagam in Tamil, online.

Enter your birth details and get your FREE Jathagam (ஜாதகம்) and horoscope birth chart in Tamil (ஜாதக குறிப்பு); along with rasi chart, navamsa chart, nakshatra palan, rasi palan and lagna palan, online.

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Kalasarpa dosha

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Kalasarpa dosham, Kalasarpa dosha calculator and remedies in Tamil.

Kalasarpa dosham

Kalasarpa dosham or yoga may either harmful or beneficial at some point of life.

Tamilsonline offers free Kalasarpa dosha calculator and remedies online.

Submit your birth details and find out whether you have Kalasarpa dosham in your Rasi chart.


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