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Nakshatram, rasi, nakshatra palan, rasi palan, zodiac signs

Find out your Tamil astrological signs, nakshatram, rasi and lagnam, along with nakshatra palan and rasi palan by date of birth in Tamil, online, free. Nakshatram, rasi and lagnam are Tamil astrological signs that corresponds to star sign, zodiac sign and ascendant.

Horoscope signs in Tamil astrology are divided onto three categories, known as nakshatra (birth star), rasi (zodiac sign), and lagna (ascendant sign).

Find out your Tamil astrological signs such as nakshatram, rasi and lagnam, along with nakshatra palan and rasi palan by date of birth in Tamil, online, free. Tamil astrology signs

Nakshatram (Birth star signs)

In Tamil astrology, birth star table consists of twenty seven nakshatras or star signs. List of nakshatra are as follows; ashwini, parani, kaarthikai, rohini, mirukaseeridam, thiruvaathirai, punarpoosam, poosam, aayiliyam, makam, pooram, uththiram, hastham, chiththirai, swaathi, visakam, anusham, kettai, moolam, pooraadam, uththiraadam, thiruvonam, avittam, chathayam, pooraddathi, uththiraddathi and revathi.

Rasi (Tamil zodiac signs)

Table of twelve rasis or Tamil zodiac signs are mesham (aries), rishabam (taurus), mithunam (gemini), kadakam (cancer), simham (leo), kanni (virgo), thulam (libra), viruchikam (scorpio), thanu (sagittarius), makaram (capricorn), kumbam (aquarius) and meenam (pisces).

Lagnam (ascendant)

List of twelve ascendants are mesham, rishabam, mithunam, kadakam, simham, kanni, thulam, viruchikam, thanu, makaram, kumbam and meenam.

Tamil astrology signs are used for predicting the general character of an individual, also used during sankalpam, religious, traditional and special ceremonies like wedding, graha pravesam, etc.

Apart from astrological predictions, astrolgical signs are also used for spiritual and traditional events. During religious ceremonies,every individual is identified by name, nakshatram and rasi. Tamil astrological wheel on the right column shows, how each Star is divided and the house they occupy in our solar system.

Nakshatram, rasi and lagnam calculator

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Tamil astrological chart wheel - Graha chakra

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